We are starting a brand new small group in January!  The Gospel of John

Have you ever looked closely at the way Jesus interacted with people?  Have you ever wondered why He said the strange things He said or asked such abrupt questions?  Have you yearned to have an encounter with Him yourself?

The Gospel of John offers us rare glimpses into how Jesus engaged people in daily life.  If you’d like to have Jesus walk off the Biblical page and be "up close and personal" with you, join our group.  Our goal is to deepen our relationship with Jesus.  Since that takes time, this will be an open-ended class. 

We will be meeting weekly at the church on a day and time that works best for the group.  We will get to the meaning of the text by asking the important question of life: Why? What? How?  We’ll try to put ourselves into the story, to see how Jesus is dealing with people there, and how he deals with each of us.   There will be lots of discussion and learning from each other. 

I’d like to start in January.  If you are interested in an adventure like no other, please email Marsha Price at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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