Sunday Afternoons, 12:30 PM, Beginnning September 24th

Are you new to St. Peter's?  Thinking about becoming a member?  Just want to learn more about who we are?  If so, St. Pete's 101 is the place to be!  It's your chance to ask your questions and explore who we are, what we believe, where we've come from and where we are heading. 

Every group has its stories, and an important part of becoming a part of a group is learning the stories of the group.  Knowing those stories, you can then see how to merge your story into those already in progress.  In this class, we'll have a chance to explore everything from the very big - questions of belief and of identity to the practical - what can you do to become a part of our family?  We follow a general outline that covers all this space, but the exact curriculum depends on the interests and questions of the participants. 

Whether you've been at St. Peter's for a couple of Sundays, or for most of your life, if this sounds like an interesting exploration, please join us!  Meets in McCray Hall, led by Fr. Tom Simmons & Tom Coate.


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