We believe that as followers of Jesus Christ we grow by learning, living and sharing the Gospel. Here’s how we define that at St Peter’s:

We learn the Gospel by:

  • Living in Christian community, allowing oneself to be cared for and accountable and to grow through relational “friction” with others.

  • Learning Holy Scripture, participating attentively in the Liturgy of the Word on Sunday, as well as weekly small group and daily personal Bible Study.

We live the Gospel by:

  • Worshipping weekly,joining together with God’s people in God’s presence to offer Father Son and Holy Spirit all the glory, awe and love they inspire in us.

  • Praying daily, developing habits of leading a God-centered life, rather than one that is self-centered; walking with Jesus and abiding in his love.

  • Offering our lives in stewardship, working toward or exceeding the tithe (10% of income), to build up the Church and advance its work for the good of the world. 

We share the Gospel by:

  • Working in ministry, taking responsibility to use our spiritual gifts to tangibly serve other people in our congregation and in mission outside of the church.

  • Sharing our faith, giving credible witness to Jesus Christ as we have each experienced him; attracting others to a deepening relationship with Jesus.

We support one another in these endeavors through our many ministries described throughout the website, and especially through our many education and formational offerings:

  • For Children and Youth, we offer a rich program from pre-K to grade 12, primarily centered on our Sunday morning Sunday School.
  • For Adults college age and up, we offer a varied set of programs throughout the year on Sunday mornings, as well as a series of small groups that meet on an ongoing basis throughout the year and provide a deeper opportunity for prayer and study.
  • Our list of helpful outside resources is available for use in your own personal study and prayer.

We'd love to talk to you about your spiritual growth, and see what we could do to assist you on your journey.


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