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Our Identity

We advance our mission as an Episcopal Church, in the Diocese of Virginia, rooted in the classical Anglican Way, in communion with 80 million Anglican brothers and sisters around the world. 

The information below is excerpted from our 2010 Strategic Plan.  You may download a copy of the plan for more information:   pdf St. Peter's Strategic Plan 2010 (214 KB)


Here’s the Problem we need to confront

The world is in darkness. People everywhere hunger for security and strength, for love and acceptance, for significance and purpose. They want to BE good and DO good, but they are lost on how to do it. Because they live only for themselves they don’t know God.

They’re convinced that romance and family, wealth and success, politics and power, status and celebrity, self-help and “spirituality” will give them what they yearn for. When people seek these things in place of God, they end up disappointed and enslaved.

People become bent in upon themselves, anxious, angry, envious, cynical, greedy, coercive, and caught in secret addictions, running everywhere but getting nowhere that really matters. Their souls starve while they exhaust themselves to pay the bills.

They need Jesus Christ.



Here’s our Vision to change the world

Jesus Christ is the light of the world. He offers forgiveness and new life, partnership and purpose, victory and hope for the future. He offers HIMSELF. At St Peter’s we will lift up Jesus Christ so people all around us can know him through our words, our actions, and the character of our community. We aspire:



Here’s our Mission to reach the world

We are Building Christians for Service

We are Building doing ministry that helps people become the men and women God intended them to be. We build by tending to the needs of the whole person helping people learn, live and share the Gospel.

We are Building Christianspeople who are growing in love for God and the people in their lives. Some people become Christians at St Peter’s taking those first steps of trust, repentance, healing and change in Christian community. Others come as Christians to St Peter’s and continue the path growing toward maturity with us

We are Building Christians for Service…. Jesus said, “To whom much is given much is expected.” God has blessed us so we can be a blessing to others. As the Body of Christ, we are his hands and feet to serve the world.




The story of Peter illustrates our Vision



We are St Peter’s Church and just LOOK what happened to Peter! Peter met Jesus, the Lord of ALL and that changed everything. For three years Jesus loved, healed, mentored, corrected, and equipped Peter, turning his life around in pursuit of a new purpose. As Jesus poured his life into him, Peter became the man God intended him to be, seeking the lost, fishing for men. Their story is ours. We are a caring community of peopleBuilding Christians for Service person-to-person, family-by-family, in partnership with others to change the world.


Our Mission is guided by Our Core Values

We advance this mission as an Episcopal Church, in the Diocese of Virginia, rooted in the classical Anglican Way, in communion with 80 million Anglican brothers and sisters around the world.

We areEvangelical in our emphasis on personal faith and transformation in Jesus Christ, in our high view and diligent study of Holy Scripture, and the practice of personal discipleship and evangelism. We preach the saving Good News of Jesus Christ and we are “fishers of men” like St. Peter (Luke 5:1-11).

We are Catholicin our devotion to God through liturgical worship in continuity with the ancient Church and the global Communion. We hunger to grow in Christ and to help others do the same through the simple, ancient disciplines of the spiritual life. We are built upon the ancient Rock, and as Peter said, we are “living stones…built up as a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices to God through Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 2:1-12).

We are Caring in the love with which we embrace all sorts and conditions of people,inviting everyone to find their place in our inter-generational fellowship. Each of us are healed and restored to wholeness through purposeful participation in life-transforming Christian community. Peter denied Jesus three times, but Jesus restored him on the beach at breakfast asking three times, “Do you love me, Peter? Then feed my sheep” (John 21:9-19).

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