At St. Peter's, pastoral care is provided by a team of interested parishioners along with the clergy. 

The clergy are available for pastoral visits to parishioners at home, in the hospital, at nursing homes, and at rehab centers.  We also provide the ministry of lay people bringing Holy Communion to those unable to come to church with our Lay Eucharistic Visitors ministry.  More information on our pastoral care ministries is provided below.

Home Communion

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs)serve members of our parish who are homebound or unable to attend Sunday Services for any reason by bringing them Holy Eucharist on a monthly basis. Visitors provide a vital connection to the congregation by bringing not only the Sacraments to be shared, but also news of the parish, the Good News, St. Pete’s Weekly and the lectionary readings. LEVs are members in good standing, approved by Fr. Tom and licensed by the Bishop to serve a term of three years.

Contact: Fr. Tom Simmons, Tim Hall, Judy Hall

Transportation Ministry

The Transportation team provides rides for those unable to drive to doctor’s appointments, grocery store, church, etc.

Contact: Tamara Tyler

Casserole Ministry

The Casserole Ministry serves to feed the body and can sometimes be as important as feeding the spirit.  Members of the parish prepare and deliver meals to those recovering from an illness or surgery, birth of a child, bereavement or other need. The group keeps the freezer stocked with casseroles which have, on occasion, also been given to bless the hungry who come to St. Peter’s in need of food. 

Contact: Sophiann Nunaley

Marriage Mentoring

St. Peter's Marriage Mentors provide trained marriage mentor couples for marriage preparation, enrichment, renewal, and divorce prevention. Our goal is to enable couples to enjoy the closest possible relationship of growing interdependence, through joint commitment, understanding of each other, and developing of good habits.

Contact: Dell Nunaley

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Home Care Ministry

 This service provides help with grocery shopping, house cleaning, yard work, or pet care as needed.

Contact: Church Office

Home Repair

St. Peter’s Building Ministries takes on projects for our own church members. Homes  in need of cosmetic and structural repairs can all be part of the ministry.  Recent projects included replacing a front porch, the exterior repainted, hand rails installed, replaced water-damaged wood siding, plumbing and many other repairs.

Contact: Church Office

Card Ministry

Cards of encouragement express care and concern through letter-writing. Many of us really want to help those in need, but just do not have the time to make a visit. "Card ministers" will be responsible for sending out cards to those on the prayer list. These cards can really be a boost for those who are ill, at home, or in need of prayer. Donations of cards for use by the card ministers is always appreciated. Card donations may be dropped off at the office. 

Contact: Tamara Tyler

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