Fr. Tom Simmons


I hope I get a chance to meet you… so I’ll begin by introducing myself and St. Peter’s. People around here call me “Father Tom”. I was born in 1967 and became a follower of Jesus in 1986. I was made a priest in 1998 and have been the pastor of St Peter’s since 2002. I’m very proud of the people I serve and I’d like to tell you a little bit about them.

Our story starts with Jesus of Nazareth. His friends and followers were a diverse and motley crew. He looked them in the eyes one day and told them what he saw: “You are the light of the world, a city on a hill that cannot be hid” (Matt 5:14). He’s describing the Church, a very human community of light and refuge, of joy and abundance, of hope and safety in an often dark and dangerous world. That’s who we are at St. Peter’s.

We are The Church… God’s hope for humanity… rooted in the Loudoun Valley since 1871. And I’ll tell you firsthand, the people of St Peter’s “live it” remarkably well.

When Jesus set out to save the world he didn’t create a business or a bureaucracy, a university or a social activist organization. He created The Church, built upon the rock, a light for all the world to see. He created US and he sent us to serve our neighbors in need.

We live in one of the most affluent regions in our country. Though abundantly rich in “things” our neighbors are often quite “poor in spirit.” They are hungry for significance and security. They want to BE good and DO good but they’re looking for love in all the wrong places. They’re convinced that romance and family, wealth and success, power and vague “spirituality” will give them what they yearn for.

These are good things, but when they are made into THE thing, in place of God, they only disappoint and enslave. Folks are anxious, angry, envious, cynical, coercive, caught in secret addictions, bent in upon themselves, running in five different directions but getting nowhere that really matters.

Well Jesus gave us what people long for: hope for positive change and real purpose in a community of loving people. We take good care of each other and we enjoy each other.  This kind of community is a rare and indispensable asset in times like these.


I love this vision. And I love the ways we’re living it at St Peter’s, which you’ll discover on every page of our website. But when you finish surfing I invite you to take a big step and visit on Sunday. Experience St Peter’s first-hand. We’d love to welcome you into our “diverse and motley crew” of Jesus’ friends and followers.


Tom Simmons



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