Youth Ministries (9th - 12th Grade)

Contact:  Jon Coate, Director of Youth Ministries


YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL (Students in 9-12 Grades) - Sundays, 9:30-10:15AM - September 10, 2017, through May 20, 2018

Sunday School does not occur on the following dates during the 2017-2018 program year:  Oct. 1, Nov. 5 & 26, Dec. 24 & 31, Feb. 18, March 25 and Apr. 1. 

HIGH SCHOOL SUNDAY SPIRITUAL FORMATION CLASS: The Way of Prayer - All high school aged youth are invited to join Jon and Kristin Coate in the library for the 2017-18 program year to explore the mystery of prayer. What is the purpose of prayer? What exactly does it accomplish? More than simply discussing the theory of prayer, we will dive into diverse methods of prayer and work to cultivate the discipline of regular prayer.  Meets 9:30am, in the Library, led by Jon Coate.


Click here to register your youth for Sunday School.


YOUTH GROUP - Every other Sunday, 7-9pm, Youth Room (Students in 9-12 Grades)

Youth Group meets bi-weekly in the Youth Room (unless announced otherwise).

We will use this time to informally discuss scripture, get to know each other better, maybe throw a Frisbee, play board games, bake a little dessert, things like that.  See Calendar on our website for exact dates.


YOUTH MOVIE NIGHT - 7-9:30pm, Youth Room (Students in 9-12 Grades)

Join us  for Movie Night in the Youth Room on our Big Screen TV!  See calendar on website for exact dates.


YOUTH CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2018:  (for first half of year)

  • January

         1/7 – Youth Group

         1/14 – Baking and Board games

         1/21 – Youth Group

         1/26 – Movie Night

  • February

         2/4 – Youth Group

         2/10 – Tubing Trip

         2/18 – Youth Group

         2/23 – Movie Night

  • March

         3/4- Youth Group

         3/18 – Youth Group

         3/23 – Movie Night

         3/29 – Maunday Thursday Lock-in

  • April

         4/8 – Youth Group

         4/14 – Bible Museum and Cherry blossom trip

         4/22 – Youth Group

         4/27 – Movie Night

  • May

         5/6 – Youth Group

         5/19 – (Tentative) Day at the range (rifles!)

         5/20 – Youth Group

         5/25 – Movie Night

  • June

         6/3 – Youth Group

         6/16 – End of School year picnic

         6/22 – Movie Night

         6/24 – Youth Group


Contact:  Jon Coate, Director of Youth Ministries



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