Are you a disciple of Jesus? 'Disciple' means 'Learner'. Are you actively learning and growing in relationship with Jesus?

Our mission at St. Peter's is Building Christians for Service assisting all in growing to spiritual maturity and effective service to others.  To that end, there are offerings on Sunday mornings between the services and Small Groups that meet throughout the week.  Join in and experience the joy of growing!


Exploring Your Faith

We encourage newcomers to affirm or reaffirm their faith in Jesus Christ in worship on the Sundays of a bishop's visit at St. Peter's. This is done in one of three ways, all of which include the laying-on-of-hands and prayer by the bishop:

  1.   "Confirmation" is for those who have never before made a mature, public affirmation of faith in Christ;
  2.   "Reception" is for those who are being received into the Episcopal church having previously made a mature, public affirmation of faith in Christ in another denomination;
  3.   "Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows" is for those who have previously made a mature, public affirmation of faith in Christ in the Episcopal Church.

We make our profession of faith before the Bishop because the bishop symbolizes our membership in God's universal Church, not only in St. Peter's Church. Preparation for the Bishop's visit is done at our Exploring Your Faith classes, held before the visit (usually in the winter/spring). Watch your St. Pete's Weekly or Good News for exact dates and times.

Exploring Your Faith Courses:

  • Part I – Anglican Way.  You are who you hang with.  Our team here at St. Peter's is part of global communion of churches 80 million strong, following Jesus in Britain and beyond since the 2nd century.  We'll discuss what that means for us.
  • Part II - Creed. A 4-part study on the ancient statement of faith of the Church, the Nicene Creed, exploring what we believe and how those beliefs shape our lives.
  • Part III – Covenant. A 4-part study of the Baptismal covenant, which form the liturgical act of commitment to Jesus Christ and define the path of our Christian journey.   

Sunday Mornings

Learning and Growth Opportunities for Adults on Sunday Mornings 9:30-10:15am


A Roadmap to the Old Testament , in the McCray Hall, led by Jon Corbett

Want to have the tools to bring greater understanding to your reading of the Old Testament?

Read more ...

Women's Ministry

Mt. Calvary Guild - Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

Meets the third Monday of each month (except December) from 10:00AM-12:00PM at various members homes.  (See Calendar for location.)

Mt. Calvary Guild functions as St. Peter's chapter of the Episcopal Church Women.  We are a small group of wome who come togehter in the service and love of our Lord.  together, we seek our Lord through prayer, Bible-based reading, fellowship, outreach and the breaking of bread. 

Our Annual Afternoon Tea event held each spring is a wonderful opportunity to welcome the ladies of St. Peter's and our community with the gracious hospitality of our Lord, featuring a different keynote speaker each year.

Contact:  Tamara Tyler or Penny Duhring

St. Pete's 101

We offer our "Path In" to the life of St. Peter's on Sunday mornings with an introduction to St. Peter's in St. Pete's 101. If you have recently come to St. Peter's you know that starting new is hard to do. Do you have questions about living as a Christian or the distinctive way we do it here at St. Peter's? For four weeks we will help you explore what we are about here at St. Peter's and how we live and work together as a congregation. 

St. Pete's 101 Class is offered in September and April each year.   (Check the St. Pete's Weekly for exact dates and location.)

Men's Ministry

Purcellville Men's Breakfast

Meets the first Saturday of each month from 7:00AM-8:30AM in St. Peter's fellowship hall - McCray Hall.

Mission:  "Becoming The Men God Created Us To Be"

Men's Breakfast is a monthly gathering of me who are interested in becoming the men God created them to be.  We eat.  We learn, We laugh.  We pray, and we enjoy each other's company.  We are a community outreach open to all.  There is no fee to attend.  A free-will offering is accepted at breakfast but not necessary.  Our monthly program focuses on a specific theme.  We are pleased to have you as our guest, and we look forward to seeing you there.  No reservations required... Just show up and enjoy the fellowship.

Contact:  Mark Baker or Bill Geiger


Bible Studies

Sunday Night Bible Study

Meets at 5:00pm Sunday evenings at the home of Dell & Sophiann Nunaley.

For the next 20 weeks or so, beginning February 19,  the Sunday night Bible Study group invites those who would like to study the Gospel of St. Mark.  Using a N. T. Wright study guide format we'll dive into this short gospel which serves as a little manual for Jesus' followers.  The first 8 chapters introduce us to the fact that Jesus of Nazareth is in fact, the Messiah.  The second 8 chapters show us that this Messiah is not the military warrior that some Jews were expecting, but the Servant King.  Are we ready to follow this Jesus and be his agents in implementing the victory which he won? Please contact Sophiann or Dell Nunaley*.



Wednesday Night Bible Study

Meets at 7:00pm Wednesday evenings rotating at members' homes.  (Contact the church office for exact location.)

Bob Loker and Monica Gill co-lead this study.  Contact: Bob Loker*.


*Contact information available in St. Peter's Church Directory or contact the Church Office


St. Peter's College Ministry

Canterbury PHC is an outreach ministry of St. Peter's on the campus of Patrick Henry College, introducing students to the Anglican tradition by means of the Daily Office, and serving the campus community through prayer. The group meets for Evening Prayer every Tuesday.

Peter Schellhase, an alumnus of the college, leads the group. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


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